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A Look Back at the First Tees&Coins Event

What a Trip.

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Three weeks removed from our first official event, we take a look back on what happened, what our favorite moments were, and how to make the next one even better.

First off, we’d like to thank those of you who joined us. Having committed and active members of the Lounge make the trip to play some golf meant the world to us, and renewed our passion to make Tees&Coins a home for like-minded golf nuts.

Ok, so where do we start?

A lot of people came together to make golf for each day special.

Our first, “warm up” day itinerary had us venture to an area where cellphone reception was sparse. 

Drifting ever closer to the Georgia border, massive trees engulfed us as we drove towards the entrance.

Meet White Oak.

A 17,000 acre wildlife conservatory, adorned with towering trees and precious endangered species. 

A Journey into the Depths

Aside from the venue being unique, the hospitality was as well.

Being the only group to play that day, the whole course was setup for us to enjoy as we please. A refrigerator stocked full of drinks, sandwiches to boot, and no one else on the course, everyone grew more excited with what we were about to experience.


Three groups, no one else in view for miles, sparse cell reception, with beautiful azaleas and massive oaks and pines to navigate through: a perfect place to start our event.

There were no rules on who has to play with who, no handicap committee. No pace of play, just plenty of drinks and all the time in the world. 

There was a tinge of majestic feel to the whole property, one that was preciously maintained and whimsically laid out.

If this 5% of what it feels to be like on a certain other famous Georgia course, the pipe dream to play there grows even bigger.



One of the things we tried to keep in mind was that this being a group of grown men, we didn’t want to impose a schedule of events for each person. Especially during these times, this trip was a nice excuse to get away for a few days from the reality that we are all living in, and enjoy golf, friends, and a few drinks in peace.

Regardless of who you were hanging out with, everyone had the Stadium course in the back of their minds.

For those who had seen Sawgrass for the first time, the consensus was: TV does not do the clubhouse or grounds justice.

Many of the group got the treat to tour the players’ clubhouse and see a few special things.

A tip of the cap to the staff at TPC as well as members who helped make this happen, first class all around.


Always travel with friends.

Only 10 days removed from the playing of the Players, we got to play the course in as pristine condition and tournament conditions as possible. It was an absolute treat to see the course in such perfect shape.

Four foursomes loaded up, with caddies en tow, and everyone with their cameras ready to catch a Bryson-esque duff top on the first tee with the opening tee shot…

Nah bro, we keep it classy on the first tee.


Rolling terrain.

The Stadium Course from start to finish was a challenging and exciting course to play. 

Leading up to the trip, all everyone could talk about was 17 and 18, but once you were on the course, there’s so much to navigate and focus on for each hole, that you tend to forget about what lies ahead.

On the par 3s, there are slight visual cues of what is coming on 17, but those holes in and of themselves are enough to keep you focused. 

Of course, T&C members came out with eclectic gear for the bags.

16 hole is a great hole, a subtle dogleg left par 5, one that we got to see plenty of on TV thanks to JT’s amazing ball control.

It’s after you hit your drive and turn the corner where you see it.

There it is.

Boy, is it cool in real life. You get to the tee box and say it’s shorter than it looks. 

But that island looks as small in person as it does in real life. 

The stories and videos from playing the last two holes will undoubtedly be a point of small talk for everyone as they go back.

We had people from across the country make the trip, and as we look back, as important as the venue was, it was memories of the people we got to finally meet that left the biggest impressions.


T&C was here.

As day 3 of the week commenced, we ventured out on the Dye Course. A decidedly more laid back mood settled on all of us, and such, there was plenty of alcohol consumption. 

Speakers blasting everywhere, cries for more Transfusions and High Noons echoed through the trees, and laughter could be heard amongst the groups.

The Dye Course is no slouch, preferred by some over the Stadium Course, highly recommend to play both when you venture to Sawgrass.

T&C logos on bags, covers, and trinkets were everywhere.

What took us aback was it wasn’t a gear flex of sorts, it was people who felt that our community was good enough to be represented in or on their bags.

We are grateful to everyone of you who support what we are doing here. 

16 people, some who had met through other golfing groups, some finally getting to put faces to names, converged on Sawgrass.

Our goal was to create a welcoming environment for our membership to connect, enjoy some great golf, and kick back a little.

Mission accomplished.



As today is the one year anniversary since we’ve launched Tees&Coins, we can’t help but reflect and be proud of where this has come.

What started as an idea for a quiet place on the net to enjoy golf with like-minded people has grown into a family.

And none of that would have been possible without the support of each one of our member’s support and engagement.

Our pledge to you is this: this is a passion project for us, and in year 2, we are going to push to make the feels and the experiences that were had by the people on this trip available to more.

This has never been about money or commercialization, it’s about creating an extended family.

Thank you to all of our brothers who have made this happen.


So yes, there are videos of 17. And there were some beautifully placed shots that would make playing pros jealous. 

But those videos are no fun, here a few to give you a sense of what it’s like.

The green is firm as hell and will punish if you hit on a downslope, but receptive to spin back if you hit an up slope,

Go full swing with a shorter club than knockdown with a shorter club. You need all the spin you can get to control your ball.

When it plays downwind, you won’t be able to feel it, but it’s there. Many fell victim to this and went long.

Or you can be like Ryan and do this…

This will be a thing every year.

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