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Titleist Players 4 Stadry Standbag Review

Part of the Best Stand Bag Series

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The feedback from our readership regarding our initial bag reviews has been amazing. But one very fair question has consistently come up in the side bar conversations we have had with many of you: “Why don’t you review, you know, normal golf bags?”

So here we are. 

A normal, everyday golf bag.

A fantastic, everyday golf bag.

The Players 4 stadry bag has really evolved over the years.  Granted, it was called the 4up bag in the past. Even as recently as three years ago, it was a niche kind of bag. You know, the one that you get customized with your club logo and flex really hard with it. 

“I walk even in the rain bro, do you get down like I do” kind of flex. “Oh, you have iron covers? I have all my irons in one hole so they bang around all day” kind of flex.

There was the whole, I’m a minimalist vibe to the bag in years past.

I liken the old 4up bag to an E36 M3. Just as having an M3 meant that you were a “driver,” having a 4up stadry bag meant that you were a real “golfer.” You had to brush off addressing all the inadequacies and discomforts of owning either product by saying those quirks were part of the beauty of ownership. (It’s ok, we’ve all used that BS excuse to justify our messed up habits)

White-out White.

But the new players 4 stadry bag, it’s different.

There’s so much to like about it. 

Well, let’s start with the specific bag that we reviewed.

It’s almost all white. 

That in and of itself is a rare bird. With most golf bags coming out with splashes of color, finding that linen-crisp white bag is a rarity. 

The issue with white, as we have covered in previous reviews, is the fear that white over time, starts to look tired. 

I want you to scroll back up and look at the picture. See the texture in the white? The weave pattern almost has a silvery sheen to it, and makes the white surface area just pop in sunlight. 

The potential here is that, by having a white bag that is waterproof, basic mud stains would wipe right off and help preserve the sharpness of the bag.

I’m happy to report that the bag has faired quite well.

Ok, back to the design qualities of the bag. 

The bag really feels like a refined piece of kit. 

All the zippers and ancillary pieces are well-thought out.

In this off-white era of labeling everything to be cool, Titleist added a touch to what would be bland stand legs by marking them with a line as well as measurement of the length of the legs as design flair. 


Detail Wherever you Look.

I’ve been spoiled by having walked with several super-lite golf bags. The bags that are around 2 lbs. really do help you feel like you are walking with the lightest golf bag around.

I’ve also spent time with many golf bags that hover around that 4lb. mark. The light, but not super-light weight class is a real head-scratcher for me.


Because not all 4lb. golf bags feel like their weight state. 

I won’t name which ones, but there are some bags out there that claim to be very light, but throw it on a shoulder, and it just doesn’t feel right.

I’m happy to report that bags feels svelte as soon as you double-strap it off the first tee. There are visual cues of a concerted effort to keep the weight down, from the perforated handle to the relatively thin straps. I don’t know if they put some speed foam (oops wrong company), or some special memory foam in them, but the straps feel supple but nimble when walking.

Thin and Comfortable.

In trying to keep this as the bag for the “real player,” Titleist chose an interesting place for a rangefinder holder. I have to admit, this design consideration was one of my favorites with the bag. Most of us throw the case on the bag ring and have it dangle all round. 

As we get close to our ball, and in keeping with pace of play courtesies, we reach back for our rangefinder with our right hand, only to find it bouncing around and our playing partners watch us awkwardly constantly reach back for it, all in vain as we only get to the rangefinder once we set the bag down.

Titleist has a little pocket for it that is not sealed down by the bottom of the bag. At first, I thought this was idiotic. But as I started using the bag, all I had to do was reach back with my left hand and sure enough, there it was.

No need to fiddle with opening a bouncing case; just reach back and grab the rangefinder. I was concerned about it falling out during the course of play, but I’m glad to report that I have not lost my rangefinder yet.

Rangefinder Pocket.

The bag opening is traditional Titleist, with plenty of room to distribute the clubs and a top opening expansive enough to keep that minty fresh Circle T cover away from rusting wedges. 

Pulling clubs out of the bag seemed to have no issue, so in terms of everyday use, it was great.


Plenty of Space.

I have only one tiny tiny complaint about the bag. 

Granted, this may not be relevant to everyone, so keeping that in mind…

The ball pocket is not removable. 

The Stadry bags feature different zippering and fringing to ensure full protection from the elements, so the reason as to why it is not removable is not lost on me.

But man, a nicely placed Tees and Coins logo on this bag would just set it over the top wouldn’t it?

(Hi Titleist, if you are reading this, we would love to order a bunch of these with our logo on it…)

Fixed Ball Pocket.

The more time I spent with the bag, the more I appreciated that although it is technically an all-white bag, it’s more like white and black bag. Every ancillary piece of the bag is in black, so when you look at it, it’s a striking presentation of white and black. 

Some companies, when trying to do the all white look, have all the fixtures in white, but because the material of those pieces is not the same as the base fabric, you get this amalgamation of various shades of white that just looks off-putting.

I can’t recommend this bag enough for a good everyday bag. 2020 has been an amazing year of bags by Titleist. We traditionally haven’t been fans of Titleist’s bags, but this year, from the Linksmaster, to the Players 4, and the Carbon as well (review coming soon), the bags have been on point.

The one thing I will say is Titleist seldom sells an all-white version of a bag. So it was a great surprise that it is a stock offering for 2020. 

You didn’t hear it from me, but this color way will not be around for 2021, so if you are on the fence for a beautiful but function-focused all-white bag, get it, now.


Well done, Titleist.

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