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Titleist Linksmaster Golf Bag Review

Part of the Best Carry Bag Series

What is it with me and golf bags? I feel like a giddy child at the mall when I see the latest and greatest bag available. I think In the past year I have purchased 10+ bags. We won’t go into details of all the bags I have bought but we will dive into the features of my current bag.

When I was looking for a bag, I wanted something unique that didn’t have brands plastered all over it. I started out with the Jones Trouper bag and then went to the Stitch SL1. Those were both great but each bag had issues that just didn’t make me really happy. 

Then I saw that Titleist had a bag called the Linksmaster Members bag. I searched all over for someone who had this bag but no one had even heard of it. Apparently they are not available in normal retail stores and can only be bought a select high-end green grass accounts (pro shops). 

I had a good friend who was a member at Chattanooga Country Club who said they had them in their pro shop and I could have one ordered. I asked him how it looked and he wasn’t a big fan of it. I decided to get it anyways since I had a mini bag drop already in my golf room.

I went with Cool White which looked to be more of a dirty white or off white. When I opened the box I had a chuckle as I thought I had just purchased a mini snow trooper. The first thing I noticed was the supple texture of the bag. It was soft and almost felt like it was made of leather. 

I took off the cover and noticed that it came with the double and single straps. That was a nice touch for a high end bag as other companies charge you to have both. The more I looked at the bag I was impressed at all of the subtle attention to details like the Titleist logo embossed into the strap to the leather Linksmaster logo.

On to some of the more important features that you look for in a bag. The pockets were plentiful and deep. There were small vented pockets inside the ball and tee pocket. The bag has a three way top with dividers that go all the way down. The straps were well padded and the stand had the snap you want to hear when you pull up the bag. 

The one cool feature that made me remind me of one of my favorite bags was the zipper in the apparel pocket so you can grab stuff that you drop inside the bag without having to take everything out. Once I loaded the bag with all of my clubs and other items I decided to see how much it would feel as the weight of the bag by itself was just north of 5lbs. It didn’t feel heavy but then again this was just me trying to justify my new purchase. The real test would come on the course.

The first round I tried using the single strap as I wanted to have that minimalist look. Yeah that was a no for me. The bag felt heavy and I was really tired after the round. My next round, I put the double strap on and marched out to the course. Wow, what a difference that made. The bag felt a lot better and I knew that I would be using the double strap. 

Final takeaways? I have had the bag since early March and have walked with it, rode with it and put it in a push cart. I still love the bag and it gives me the things that I need in being unique and functional. The only downside would be the weight but you gotta pay to play right? I have since had a few friends purchase the same bag so I am slowly losing my exclusivity but it’s hard to say not buy this thing when you see it in person.

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