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Conybeare Leather Golf Bag Review

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I have always had an allure to Sunday/minimalist walking bags but the prices have always turned me away from them. Before you say, you spend X amount on golf clubs, I have to say it is hard for me to spend $800+ on a bag I won’t use every time I play. 

With my golf clubs, I am using them each and every time I go out. When I walk, I also like to use 14 clubs and some of these bags are better off with using half a set. Also with my age, yes I am getting old, I do not want want to be bending over to pick up my bag after every shot. These are the reasons that make it hard for me to justify buying a bag that I will seldom use for $800+.


That being said I have always wanted one and I wanted it to be cool but not overly expensive. Unique and different but not too expensive. Does that even exist in this industry?

One of our members posted a bag from a company I have never heard of, Conybeare based out of the UK. A leather walking bag with different colors for less than $110? What was the catch and was this too good to be true. I reached out to Mike Conybeare, the founder, for more info on his brand. His excitement for creating these bags alone sold me over to get one.

I ordered the the white bag because if you know me I love white bags. It took a few weeks to arrive but once it did I was amazed at how nice the packaging was. The bag came in a nice logo’d pouch and the bag had that nice leather smell to it. No I did not smell the bag. I took out the bag from the pouch and I was impressed at small details that went into the bag like the nice embroidered logo and the embossed logo on the bottom of the bag. 


From the looks department. this checked all of the boxes for me. I do not know how this bag is less than $110 as the material and finish are well worth more than that. So the bag looks the part but how was it on the course.

I put in 13 clubs in the bag and walked to see how this bag was. The first thing I noticed was the bag does not have structure to it. For the Mackenzie bag users this must be a common thing but to me it took a little getting used to. 13 clubs was a little tight but I would be using this as more of a half set bag. 

 There is only one pocket on the bag but that would be the only thing I would need on a minimalist bag. After walking a few holes and switching shoulders and such I found the bag to be very comfortable. 

The only constructive feedback I would have would be there really isn’t a place for a range finder. It does not have a towel ring or a place to clip it to. The strap was very comfortable and I didn’t have discomfort through out the round. I was really happy with how the bag looked and performed.


After the round I went to the range to work on the game, and I had a lot of people come out to me to ask me about the bag. I overheard one of the guys mention to his friends that he would never be caught dead using one of those $1k leather bags. 

I went over to him and he already had this defensive look to him like I was about to start something with him. I told him the price of the bag and he then asked me for more information and asked to try it out. This thing just stands out.

So who is this bag for? Is it for the Mackenzie loyalist? Not so much.

It is perfect for me, the guy who has always wanted a no frills bag, but can’t, out of principle, commit to spending nearly $1k for a every once-in-a-while bag.

We are big fans of people like Mike in the golf industry. In the world where products are over-engineered and subsequently overpriced, Mike and his team have presented a really competitive product that will likely appeal to many. 

We look forward to seeing how the brand evolves over time.



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